There are  people in a line

Oil colors on canvas

h:30 cm  w:350 cm 


Old radio , old used frame 57/74 cm. Oil on canvas

ילדות בים

oil on canvas 50/40 /3 cm. 7/2020


What's going on oil, 60/80 cm. 7/2020

קשר עין

oil on canvas 45/35 cm 6/2020


oil on canvas, 80/64 cm \ 6/2020

הרגע הזה שללפני

My painting "This is the moment before " oil on canvas 60/90 cm. There is a special, even magical moment, as I stand before the white canvas, virgin, before the beginning of a new painting, at this moment, before any first color or headline, the imagination goes wild and runs in my head endless possibilities of paintings, shapes and colors on the canvas, It's the "birth of the painting" before the first stain everything is possible, then with each step the work becomes focused and the emotion


A view of a street in Quebeq, Canada Oil on canvas 60/90 cm.

jerusalem 2019

A view of Jersalem oil on canvas 80/90 cm 2019


Belle Epoqe in Cartagena Es. Group of people who like to walk on Sundays With the clothing of the 1900s 2019 Oil on canvas 126/69 including frame

מפגש בחמש אחרי הקורונה

oil on canvas 100/100 cm 10/2020Just people ofTel Aviv


Oil on canvas, 60/90 cm. People awaiting for ...?

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קשר עין

oil on canvas 45/35 cm 6/2020